We are so happy to announce the Crowdfunding page on Seed & Spark for “Going Down” is live!

The film is looking to raise $7,500 for help with production costs, namely to secure locations and build custom elevator set where 90% of the film takes place. Using a real world elevator is not an option as the space is too small in a COVID-19 Production environment and no control over the audio and lighting. So we’ll build our own!

Some of the other ways in which we’ll use the funds is to pay our actors and crew fair wages, put money aside for Film Festival submission fees and other production costs like music licensing, graphics, art department, and others.

For those who want to be involved and help fund the film, we have a robust set of incentives – check them out – each Floor gets everything before it:

1st Floor – Social Shout-Out – $25

  • A massive thank you and shout-out on our social media.
  • Along with your name as a supporter on our website.

2nd Floor – Film Credit – $50

  • We’ll add your name to our Special Thanks section in the Film Credits.
  • A hand-written thank you note from the Director.

3rd Floor – BTS Digital Booklet and BTS Film – $75

  • Behind the Scenes Photo Booklet with Director, Cast, and Script Notes and Behind the Scenes Film (if we reach our goal we’ll produce the film).

4th Floor – Digital Film and First Screening – $100

  • A Digital Copy of the Film
  • Access to the very First Screening of the Film along with cast and crew.

5th Floor – Signed Film Poster – $150

  • A signed copy of the Going Down Film Poster by the cast and crew (unsigned if you prefer, please let us know!)

6th Floor – Virtual Meetup – $250

  • Grab a drink of your choice and join the Cast and Director in a Virtual Private Meetup – We’ll talk about the film, behind the scenes, casting, and more.

7th Floor – IMDb Associate Producer Credit – $500

  • You’re officially Above the Line. You’ll get an IMDb Credit as an Associate Producer.

8th Floor – Visit to Set and Photo Session in the Elevator – $1,000

  • Now that you’re an Associate Producer, come to set and meet the cast and crew. Even better, we’ll do professional photos of you in the Elevator set to share where you please.

9th Floor – Featured in the Film – $1,500

  • You’ll be prominently featured in the Film in the Courtroom or Office Lobby scene and listed as a cast member in the credits and on IMDb.

10th Floor – Executive Producer – $2,000

  • The sub-penthouse, you’re an Executive Producer of the Film in the credits and on IMDb.

Penthouse (11th) Floor – In-Person Dinner with Cast & Director – $3,000

  • You made it to the top. We’ll treat you to a special in-person dinner with the Cast and Director. We’ll even pay to have a COVID Test for everyone involved.

Director Ryan Northcott, who will also edit the film, along with MEDIAPOP Films Producer Eric Giesbrecht are not being paid for their work as they’re doing it in-kind.

We are very lucky to own our own RED Cinema Camera and related professional lighting and film equipment which allows us to film and complete a high-production value film for a pretty good price.

We’d like to acknowledge and thank ACTRA Alberta for their MIP Grant, which is a wonderful grant to Alberta ACTRA members to produce their films and projects. We couldn’t be more thankful 🙂

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