It’s official, we have our principal cast for our film “Going Down” by Director Ryan Northcott. Casting sessions are never easy, especially when you are looking at members of ACTRA who are professionals in their field. This was the case with Going Down, where every submission was great.

Of the parts to be cast, the most important was “Michelle Lucas,” the main character and driver behind the story. It was a difficult choice, but we are so lucky to have Nikita Kalonji cast as our “Michelle Lucas.” Nikita brings strength and inner-resolve to Michelle, coupled with vulnerability as she faces challenges in her plan to get revenge. The character must navigate a range of emotions and Nikita brings that and more.

Our next cast member is Dallas Soonias as “Robert Kimball,” the smarmy, no good, corporate lawyer representing the dairy conglomerate responsible for the death of Michelle’s daughter. Let’s be real, Robert is over-confident, a womanizer, and a man without an empathetic bone in his body. We love Dallas Soonias, but he is perfect for the role – digging deep to find Robert’s smarm (because he’s a really nice guy).

Last on our principal list is Dave Trimble as “Walter Ellis.” Dave is a seasoned veteran who’s been acting for ages. He was an obvious choice as the cantankerous Walter who find himself in the elevator at the wrong time. You kinda don’t like his chaotic energy, but at the same time you feel incredibly sorry for him as he challenges Michelle’s plan.

We can’t wait to get to camera with this group of talented folks. It’s going to be a blast, but a hard journey of drama, suspense, and a thrilling ending.

Want to help us fund the film and get a credit or early access to the film?

Going Down Poster Film

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